Chemical.AI has Launched the Strategic Cooperation with Livzon and Joincare to Promote the Application of AI in Process Chemistry

Date: 11.08.2021 By: Admin

In June 2021, Chemical.AI, an R&D technology company empowering chemistry with AI, announced a strategic partnership with Livzon Pharma and Joincare Pharma which are dedicated to discovering and supporting the development of leading pharmaceutical innovation technologies and products in China. The three parties will combine strengths of their own, including Chemical.AI's leading computer-aided retrosynthesis route design system, and the knowledge and experience of process chemistry expertise from Livzon Pharma and Joincare Pharma, to facilitate process chemistry development with retrosynthesis technology.

Process chemistry plays a vital role in the middle-to-late stage of drug development until it reaches the market. The route taken by medicinal chemists to synthesize small amounts of compounds is only a starting point. Industrialized and commercialized pharmaceutical process chemistry needs to meet a series of stringent requirements such as green chemistry, production safety, low cost, high feasibility of operation route and clear patent scope, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive for pharmaceutical companies. Retrosynthesis platform (ChemAIRS™) of Chemical.AI has been successfully commercialized after years of development, enhancing the efficiency of R&D in medicinal chemistry actively.

Livzon Pharma and Joincare Pharma have abundant expert knowledge and experience in various drug synthesis and process chemistry, which can be applied to support the development of the AI retrosynthesis platform on process chemistry, together with real-life case studies and data. Based on this, the three parties are expected to further empower process chemistry through the AI technology platform to improve the efficiency of industrial output and accelerate drug development.

“Artificial intelligence will bring new potential and opportunities for China's pharmaceutical industry.” said Dr. Ning Xia, CEO of Chemical.AI. “By empowering drug development through AI, we can effectively improve efficiency and save costs at all stages of pharmaceutical R&D. We are pleased to join hands with Livzon and Joincare, to avail advantage of their strengths to jointly solve the difficulties and pain points in the process of new drug development and accelerate the application of AI retrosynthesis in the field of process chemistry and win-win cooperation.”

Dr. Jianing Liu, CIO of Livzon Pharma, said: “In pharmaceutical R&D, chemical process research is a key step for the transformation of chemical drug molecules from laboratory to market. It is an important task for pharmaceutical companies to determine the potential of any chemical drug molecule in development and the feasibility of large- scale manufacturing. Livzon Pharma and its parent company, Joincare Pharma, are very pleased to develop in-depth cooperation with Chemical.AI to promote the application of AI technology in the development of green, safe and efficient chemical synthesis processes.”

About Chemical.AI

Chemical.AI, an R&D technology company empowering chemistry with AI that uses artificial intelligence technology, big data and machine learning to develop toolkit that dramatically improve the efficiency of chemical research, and is committed to building an intelligent planning platform for compounds to shape the future of chemistry. Founded in Wuhan in 2018 with a sub-branch in Shanghai, Chemical.AI’s team consists of cheminformatics specialists, synthesis experts, and talented IT professionals. At present, Chemical.AI has successfully provided technical services to many famous domestic companies and CROs, and has launched in-depth cooperation in the direction of synthetic routes and process route design.

About Livzon

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc(1513.HK, 000513.SZ) is a leading comprehensive pharmaceutical group integrating R&D, production and sales in China, listed on A+H stock. The Group has over 8,000 employees. In 2020, its revenue reached 10.52 billion yuan, net profit was 2.131 billion yuan, and R&D investment was 989 million yuan. Livzon continues to make breakthroughs in the fields of APIs, chemical drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, biological drugs and in vitro diagnostic reagents, with products distributed in the fields of digestion, cardiovascular, reproductive endocrine and psychiatric/neurological.

About Joincare

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Joincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry has become an innovative research-based integrated pharmaceutical group after years of steady operation and rapid development. The company always adheres to scientific and technological innovation as its strategic base and aims to build a high-barrier complex preparation technology platform. It has two large listed companies, Joincare and Livzon, and more than 20 major holding subsidiaries, with nearly 13,000 employees. By the end of 2020, the company had total assets of 28.157 billion yuan and achieved operating revenue of 13.522 billion yuan.